Land Rover Defender 90 Only
Land Rover Defender 90 Only
Land Rover Defender 90 Only
Land Rover Defender 90 Only

Land Rover Defender 90 Only

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The WOLFBOLT uses modern technology combined with an old idea to create, we believe, one of the best security systems on the market today.

With a 100% track record of keeping the thief's out, our electronic bolt system isn't visible from the out side of the vehicle. This means that the thief's are not shown a precise point of attack unlike the manual key operated locks. 

Another positive to have electronic bolts is as there is nothing to see from the outside there is also nothing to pick lock to open the bolts either.

The WolfBolt only has the best electrical components built into the system. Using our MES/Cebi motors our system will never fail, if fitted correctly following our instructions. 

We have four tiers of protection available with our bolts:

Tier one:

2 electronic deadbolts, 1 for your rear door and 1 for your sliding door, both being able to be mounted high up on both doors. The bolts are locked and unlocked with a key switch mounted in the cab area of the van. This is our basic kit but will give you protection for your cargo area. We try to make all of our kits installer friendly so we have made our own plug and play control box. This tier is designed mainly to be used with another aftermarket alarm or remote entry system.

Tier two:

In addition to the above tier we can offer you a remote entry system. The remote entry system will lock and unlock your bolts. The system has a rolling code which has millions of different combinations which means it won’t be able to be scanned. This works independently of factory locking. It also comes with 2 remotes. 

Tier three:

In addition to the above tiers we can offer your our aftermarket alarm which will come with Glass break, Shock and Tilt sensors.

Tier four: 

Tier four includes everything in the above tiers plus a pager/tracker system which is linked to your phone via an app. The system will alert you if your alarm goes off or if your vehicle exits a geofence area. You can lock and unlock our system via the app. The tracker/pager system will also give you a pin point location of where your vehicle is at any time you request it. This can be used all over the world. We supply a SIM card with the system from Giff Gaff which includes £5 worth of credit once you activate it(you may use your own SIM card)

Please expect your item to be dispatched and delivered within 5-7 working days.